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POS Charity Project
Our 6 mission is to contribute back to Thai Society. At POS, we value the importance of children education: as well as their well beings. Every year, POS together with our staffs will search for the school in up country. We contact them directly and make sure their true needs will be fulfilled. We sponsor the scholarship for students and any accessories for education, sport and other school’s equipment such as the lunching tables, clothing, sports cloths and even though the roof top and toilets.

FY, 2006

at Bann Promtin School , Lopburi

FY, 2007

at Bann Dong Yong School , Kanchanaburi

FY, 2008

at Wat Chanrueng School , Nakorn Nayok

FY, 2009

at Bann Nong U-Lok , Suphanburi

FY, 2010

at Wat Sripawang , Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

FY, 2013

at Wat Luang Peng school , Chachengchao