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Professional Outsourcing Solutions Limited (POS) is one of the leading outsourcing service providers in Thailand. POS was established in 1986 as part of Andersen Thailand Group of companies, the largest audit and consulting firm in Thailand at that time.

Year 1978

Started operating payroll service as a part-time service group under tax division

Year 1978

Set-up a full time service group to provide payroll service under SGV-Na Thalang Co., Ltd., a member firm of Arthur Andersen

Year 1993

Expand into accounting service

Year 1999

Re-brand the practice to be under “Outsourcing Service Offering” of Arthur Andersen Business Advisory Co, Ltd., another company under Andersen Thailand

Year 2002

As part of Andersen Thailand’s organizational restructuring plan, the practice had been restructured to be under Professional Outsourcing Solution Ltd., another company under Andersen Thailand, with the aim to better focus in the outsourcing service without any conflict of interest with other advisory services which is the case that run rampantly in the audit and consulting firm.

Year Oct 2002

Spun-off and operate independently by the same team of management and professional staff and under the same philosophy, technologies and standards.


Img by POS
Img by POS

We work with you to provide the value-added services to support your business strategies and continuously improve your operational performance. Working together, our people, processes, technologies and knowledge-sharing will help you to better manage risks, controls and processes.


Our dedicated team is your partner on the path to success. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we offer personalized support and ensure that your payroll needs are met with excellence.


Our streamlined workflows are designed to guarantee precision, efficiency, and compliance. You can trust us to handle all aspects of your payroll, freeing you from administrative hassles.


Embracing the latest tools and technology, we simplify payroll management and ensure the secure integration of data with your existing systems. Our commitment to staying ahead technologically allows us to offer a seamless experience.


Through continuous training and learning, our team remains well-versed in ever-evolving regulations. This expertise ensures that your payroll is in the hands of professionals who can navigate complex tax laws and regulations with ease.


We align our services closely with your business strategies, enhancing financial controls and optimizing processes to contribute directly to your growth and success.

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