Let’s face it; the managing of accounting date and financial information has become even more complicated. The current economic climate will attest to that. What’s the most accept way to report revenue? How does one keeps up with never ending tax law changes. What do the new rules and regulations mean? These are all very exhausting to monitor and costly to manage.

That’s why accounting experts become even more helpful and lend you the knowledge you need to make significant financial steps toward success.

Providing savvy in regards to the finance and accounting procedures, our accounting services will take the burden off you so that your business and dreams can be your main focus.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We perform your monthly and annually accounting and bookkeeping tasks. The services include report packaging, subsidiary ledgers and accounting reconciliation. You still make the strategic decisions, but rely on the financial experts for process, information, data processing and reporting.

Transactions Management

We help you manage the high volume transactions including accounts payable and receivables, collections and expense report processing.

Compliance Services

The services cover the preparation of the occasionally, monthly and annually tax filings which are withholding tax, value-added tax and corporate income tax.

Finance Statement Review

This is the process to ensure the completeness and accuracy of transactions in your books of accounts. The deliverables provide you the significant departures from best practices and regulatory agencies as well as findings and recommendations over your business processes.

Save Your Time and Costs

We help you improve the quality of your accounting process by providing rapid execution, accurate and meaningful reporting, and elimination of many of internal control weaknesses inherent in closely held businesses.

Improve Business Performance

We can also save you money – our share service center provide you an access to the lower cost structure which result in greater economies of scale and lower overhead cost should your business experience a slowdown.
We let your company focus on broader business issues because operational details are handled by us. Constantly being asked to solve such operational issues can siphon off huge amounts of management’s valuable time and attention. Instead of dealing with internal problems, you can be focused externally, on sourcing and serving your customers.

Comply with Law and Regulations

Law and regulations are complicated areas. Each industry has its own law and regulations to be complied. Outsourcing gives you access to leading-edge people and knowledge bases in the fields to ensure the compliance to relating laws, taxes and regulatory agencies.


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