What is ADIOS Methodologoy?

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POS has developed an integrated and customized outsourcing solution referred to as the ADIOS (Assess, Design, Implement, Operate and Serve) methodology to facilitate the complete alignment of a company’s strategy, people, process and technology, when undergoing changes.

In order for an individual outsourcing engagement to be successful, POS must understand client’s business integration and related interaction so that we can ensure the full integration of each facet in the outsourcing solution. The ADIOS is a structured approach we used to provide high value and deliver the best to our clients.


  • Understand client business
  • Identify management needs and objectives
  • Identify high level issues related to
  • Practices and policy, people, processes, technology, and transition issues
  • Conceptual design


  • Interview process personnel to identify procedural, control and to assess personnel skills requirements
  • Detailed design of projects, timing, resources and scope as well as technology
  • Finalize pricing


  • Negotiation and execution of an outsourcing services agreement
  • Contract resources will be identified
  • Transitioning

Operate & Serve

Our modern technology allows the following:

  • Ongoing operations
  • Continuous improvement
  • Performance measurement

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