This important department can affect the company’s cash flow dramatically based on how it is run. Our highly skilled work force will be trained on your exact needs as a company and will take on this burden from your accounting team while saving you money.

Billing is handled differently in every company, depending on industry, class of customers etc. Whether your billing needs are quite specific to your industry, like Medical Billing for instance, or general, we can handle your needs in the most efficient and accurate manner. Our team of highly qualified individuals will be trained on your specific company needs.

We may not like it, but it is very much a part of most businesses. Collections is one of the areas where companies spend some resources they would rather be doing better things with. We will train our staff to know your company, how you operate, how you would like to treat each of your accounts, and what steps need to be taken in each scenario.


This service includes many tasks such as maintaining customer databases, customer credit limits, processing customer payments, customer history, sales history, prepare the invoices and any other typical accounts receivable function specific to your needs.


This service includes regular, persistent calling on overdue accounts to collect debts, negotiating if necessary to settle accounts, or any other specific collection function specific to your company’s needs. Our trained staff can connect directly to your accounting system to update account, or use our in house state of the art software system for tracking customer accounts.

How We Can Help You

Improve Financial Performance

Your financial performance will be strengthen by speeding up receivable and improving cash flow. We will manage the billing and collection schedule with your customer to ensure on-time billing placement as well as its due date.

Save Your Time and Reduce Costs

We will simplify the process and seek for IT tools where applicable. We will work closely with you and your clients to ensure targeted collection due dates are met.

Improve Business Performance

We generally take over some or all of the end-to-end accounts payable processes. This means we adopt your existing process by enforcing your company policies, dealing with your vendors and process payment. Our document review process will also enhance VAT recovery and improve legislative compliances.

Comply with Laws and Regulations

We will ensure proper VAT calculation for every single invoice placed to your customers. For service invoices, they are up to your choice for VAT point and we will take care how tax invoices will be issued. The withholding tax certificates from your customers regarding the service invoices will be cared for.


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