Surviving in today’s business environment has become more challenging than ever. Every second your employees spend on non-core tasks affects your company's bottom line. Strategic use of outside resources to perform business functions traditionally managed by your internal staff can help you cut costs and gain efficiencies while enabling your executives to get more control over their most valuable resource: time. The time that they can use to fashion new strategies, explore new revenue streams, accelerate other projects, and focus more on their customers.

Rather than tie up valuable resources, a company may be able to realize real cost saving efficiency by outsourcing the payable and disbursement functions.

Most organizations have a defined set of rules for when invoices need to be paid. This sensitive area of can be outsourced to our highly skilled, educated work force that will be trained on your company’s exact procedures in accounts payable as well as the disbursements.

Accounts Payable

This service covers many areas such as maintaining vendor databases, setting vendor credit limits, processing vendor payments, maintaining vendor history, purchase history, product pricing, provide accounts payable reports to management, cash flow projections based on accounts payable, processing vendor invoices and any other type of typical accounts payable function specific to your needs.


From the accounts payable setting up or either separate service, we will provide cheque printing and distribution, handling of vendors’ questions/request, vendor statement reconciliation, expense report processing and bank reconciliation.

The withholding tax incurred will also be considered and applied for the payment. Withholding tax certificate will also prepared for.

How We Can Help You

Save Your Time and Cost

With the specific work schedule designed for each client, we will work closely with our clients and its vendors to ensure the targeted turnaround time.

We also ensure the completeness and validity of the supporting documents of both payable and disbursement process in order to ease the accounting recording and for audit purposes. Your cost is also predictable.

Improve Business Performance

We generally take over some or all of the end-to-end accounts payable processes. This means we adopt your existing process by enforcing your company policies, dealing with your vendors and process payment. Our document review process will also enhance VAT recovery and improve legislative compliances.

Comply with Laws and Regulations

We will ensure the proper withholding tax rate is applied for the payment and also the validity of VAT for claimable purposes. Withholding tax and input VAT will be able to reconcile against the records in books of accounts to ensure the proper tax filing.


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