Why Choose POS?

Why Opt for Professional Outsourcing Solutions?

At POS, we strongly believe that we are the forefront of quality provider characterized by a substantial portion of our client are with us for long-long time.

Quality Service

We focus on the client in order to deliver quality service that exceeds expectations.

Quality People

We recruit the best people and train them to be the best professionals in the field.


We recruit our people with challenging opportunities for career advancement based on their effectiveness in serving the client.


We adhere to personal and professional standards that exceed those required by legal and professional codes.


We deliver unique solutions to each client’s need’s, providing a groundbreaking example for others to follow.


We are committed to investing heavily in the future in order to bequeath a stronger organization to future generations of our people.

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Client is responsible for the higher level decision support activities. This include policies setting, determination of financial decision for organization. POS is responsible for transaction processing and report preparation activities for client management decision-making.

  • Free management to focus on strategic issues
  • Support by independent, highly-skilled business analysis and subject matter experts
  • Mitigates resorce availiability and turnover risk
  • Independent process and reporting
  • Better resource allocation and leverage of overhead
  • Scalable and flexible technology
    Standard high-quality F&A Processes
  • Cross-trained, knowledge-based work teams
  • Centralized technical help desk
    Houses applications in a secure technical environment
  • Standard, high quality technical services
  • Simplifies IT mangement software upgrades


POS’s performance is monitored using a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA is developed by POS and your company and defines the working relationship and performance expectations of both parties. The establishment of a Joint Oversight Committee ensures a partnership approach to this relationship and provides you with the ability to monitor quality and to drive continuous improvement.

“We go beyond transaction processing activities to focus on delivering information to improve your business decision making.”

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Key Quality Benefits


Client Since 2000

Mr. Siva Mahasandana, Senior Vice President-HRMD, Siam City Cement Public Company Limited

Our experience with POS engagement team to support our payroll activities are our pleasure. We have also had the same team involved since 2002, which has been a greate help. They know our history, rules and policies, so we can run our payroll continuity. POS is tremandous resource for us to call upon, they are willing to help & support. Our team are happy to work with them.

Client Since 2000

Mr. Dusit Rachatasetanant, Executive Vice President Resources Management, Krungthai Card Public Company Limited

Payroll Outsourcing with POS allows KTC to concentrate on company's core competencies and enhances our sustainable growth.

Client Since 2000

Mr. Doc Tran, Finance Controller, Cisco System (Thailand) Limited

POS has been an outstanding partner for Cisco in Thailand. Their professionalism and dedication to providing the best value added service is admirable. They always work hard to find solutions and mange processes to maximize efficiency and ensure local compliance.

Ongoing Client

Mr. Chavalit Vongsuwanlert, Finance Director, Pernod Ricard Company Limited

The transition process from our former outsourcing partner to POS has gone very smoothly. POS’s transition methodology was flexible enough to meet our specific needs, which included minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Within the first 45 days of the contract, POS transformed our reconciliation process into an automated, paperless process performed off-site.

Client Since 2004

Mr. Samart Tongfua, Managing Director, Brownhouses Company Limited

I own a construction and design company. With POS handling my accounting and financials activities, I receive a timely report that includes cash balances, receivables outstanding, net sales, project costs. It’s concise, accurate information that helps me in making business decision. Even i am an architect but I am now learn a lot on accounting, finance and particular the important of internal control. Thanks to POS for guiding me to do the business.


It is always our intention to exceed client expectations every day; to achieve this we utilize our ExCEED
Model of continuous improvement, Exceeding Client Expectations Every Day

At POS, we continually evaluate our approach to client service in order to provide and deliver the best to our client.

This is accomplished through the implementation of the ExCEED Model. Being responsive to your needs is the first step to ensure that we exceed your service expectation. And we view this as a continuous process.

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